The discovery of stem cells in dental pulp has uncovered new methods of tooth repair. As per a study stem cells hold the key to tissue regeneration in wound healing. This mechanism contributes to the growth of tooth dentin which can be helpful to deal with dental problems such as tooth decay, dental trauma and many others.

Dental Application

Stem cell therapy has helped dentists to restore teeth by regeneration rather than resorting to dental implants or dentures. There are many applications that dentists can use this technique for, regenerate periodontal ligaments that are damaged due to gum disease, restore pulp tissue that’s removed due to infection and regenerating teeth.

Tooth Stem Cells

The main reason why stem cells are becoming the preferred method in dentistry is because of the source of stem cells. In other fields the stem cells are extracted from bone marrow, however for dental needs stem cells can be taken from teeth that are extracted or lost naturally.

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