Children get their first tooth a few months after they are born. Going by the recommendations of dental organizations, oral care should ideally begin right from the time the child gets their first tooth. The child should have his/her first dental visit soon after his/her first tooth has erupted or by the time he/she is one year old. Dental care professionals who take care of kids’ teeth can pass on vital information about the child’s dental needs and help parents develop good oral health habits for their children. Kids’ dentist can prevent dental problems by identifying possibilities of decay and taking necessary steps for healthy growth of their teeth. Dr. Sanchez is known for his friendly nature and gentle care and kids’ love interacting with our dentist at our Smiles of Dental Arts office. Visit our dental office and experience comprehensive oral care.

Importance of Kids’ Dental Care

The dental care needs of children are a lot different from those of adults. The oral health of children can affect their growth and development. It is important for children to be free from dental problems in order to create a good foundation for proper eruption of their permanent teeth. Therefore our dentist focuses on taking preventive steps and educating parents and children about how to protect their teeth and gums. When children are motivated towards taking care of their oral health, there are fewer chances of dental infection.

Kids’ Dental Treatment at Our Practice

Our team offers comprehensive care to children and aims at preventing problems and developing healthy habits right from the first visit. Children who are conscious about their oral health can grow up to maintain good oral hygiene practices and healthy food habits during their adulthood.

Educating parents

From the time of breastfeeding to the time kids reach their teens, there are several bad habits that can cause problems to their oral health. Our dentist informs parents about these habits and informs them about any options available to help overcome these bad habits. Our team also educates parents about how they can develop healthy oral hygiene practices in children.

Preventive dentistry

Periodic visits to our Smiles of Dental Arts office can help prevent dental problems in children. We use dental sealants to protect the biting surfaces of children’s teeth. Fluoride can act as a protective layer over the teeth surface. Other preventive dental procedures include the use of space maintainers when a tooth has fallen out and the use of dental crowns to protect a damaged tooth.

Treating the infection

When a tooth is infected, our dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and restores it with appropriate dental materials. Your child’s baby teeth need to be protected since they are crucial for the healthy growth of the their permanent teeth.

We are here to help

Do you have a question about your kids’ dental care? Speak to our dentist at our Cudahy office. Our team ensures that your children are protected from all forms of dental problems.

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